Post-Covid: Re-Emergence

Shells | Niticha Parsand-Goffart | 150cm × 80cm | Mixed media on canvas

Founded by artist Niticha Parsand Goffart in 2009 is Gallerie Tamaris located in Tamarin, Mauritius. Its establishment was propelled by a drive for social cohesion among artists and as an acting mediator for them and their buyers. Abiding by the intention to be a gallery by artists, for artists, Gallerie Tamaris comprises of more than 125 fine artists who have sold more than 2000 artworks globally through their intimate networks of decorators, hotels, tourist sites, and luxury villas. The gallery’s latest exhibition showcases the Post-Confinement Collection by artist duo Niticha, the founder herself, and Said Hossanee. The confinement period was a challenging phase for everyone from all walks of life, and the Mauritians, too, were not spared from the tribulations posed by it. Stuck within their respective homes, the artists were compelled to innovatively employ materials that were available in their abode to create their artworks.

Niticha Parsand-Goffart

Niticha Parsand Goffart, brushed by the nostalgia of times before the pandemic, was inspired by the beaches of Mauritius and the sensuality of women. During her younger years, she delved into more detailed works that cover societal issues that later evolved into more vibrant paintings down the years. Using mixed media methods for her work Shells, Niticha’s beach-collected shells were spontaneously painted upon to create a lively mix of sun, sand, and sea reminiscent of the iconic Mauritian setting every tourist so craves for. Her paintings are executed with spontaneity through various experimentations with acrylic pouring, nets, and tissue paper. Another theme that Niticha indulged in during confinement was the celebration of femininity. She laid emphasis on the typical Mauritian people either coming from the sugarcane fields or of those rapt in the national Mauritian music called Séga. The main aim of her creations is to provide a positive perspective on life while shining the spotlight on the allures of the Mauritian culture and landscapes.

La Saunière | 90cm × 120cm | Acrylics on canvas
Coupeuse de Canne | 100cm × 120cm | Acrylics on canvas

Said Aniff Hossanee

Said Hossanee is a painter and engraver with deep-seated influences drawn from his multicultural environment, whereby his artistic productions mostly depict and reflect his emotional affinity to his motherland. He is committed to local and international exhibition ventures and is the President of the Footbridge Art Association that groups artists from Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, China, Reunion Island, and Mauritius. Just like their prominence within the Mauritian landscapes, Hossanee has developed a palette of pure and vibrant colours that express his personality, style, and signature as a contemporary artist. Hossanee’s take on the Confinement Collection was conceptualised from marine subjects.

During the past 2 decades, Said Hossanee has been working on the themes Fenetres Chazaliennes – a Tribute to Malcolm de Chazal, followed by the Sails series and finally, the Shells series. The fourteen paintings exhibited for the post confinement collection were consolidations of these three series. During his confinement period, Said Hossanee was also presented with the similar predicament of having to work within the constraints of the home. To circumvent the limitations posed by the conventional medium of painting, he turned to printmaking to execute his works. As such, about a hundred wood prints and five acrylic artworks were ultimately created. Vacillating between abstract and semi-abstract works, his pieces were mostly mixed-media collages. In his emerging years as an artist about half a century ago, Hossanee’s artistic outputs were largely of geometric shapes accompanied by thick black lines. Although he has outgrown his initial monochromatic phase and morphed into a colourist throughout the years, geometric forms are still retained as a reminder of his humble beginnings into his artistic career.

Danse des voiliers 3 | 210cm × 150cm (Diptych) | Acrylics on canvas
Regata | 210cm × 150cm (Diptych) | Acrylics on canvas

The Silent World |196cm × 96cm | Acrylics on canvas

In a world where uncertainties are imminent, it is by the very nature of artists to overcome their own uncertainties to emerge anew in a world that depends on their creations. Galerie Tamaris stands firmly as that that light within the darkness of times, and in this instance, artists Niticha Parsand Goffart and Said Hossanee are the hands that hold that light as they lead the art scene of Mauritius into a new dawn.

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