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The growing engagement in Singapore’s art industry holds much potential for the ever-increasing number of creatives who seek recognition for their skills and talents in the workforce.

The multi-faceted company’s ambition is to alter the perception towards art that it is merely for the appreciation of the bourgeoisie and the elites. Comprising of a league of artists, designers, educators, writers, and researchers, we have made it our goal to cast the light on the more pragmatic applications of art and design while revealing the dormant skills residing within every individual.


Trigger Hearth shall be the platform that these rising talents thrive on as we usher in a new era of creatives into the art market. 


Art Herald is a Singapore-based international art magazine that impresses upon the masses the significance of visual-textual correspondence. Writing traverses the gap between artworks and concepts, binding the comprehensiveness of contemporary art into an accessible topic for anyone. While artworks may speak for the artists, an impactful and professional profile should not be overlooked.

As one of the only few in-print local art publication, Art Herald commits itself to keeping everyone up to speed with the developments of the art world and its market.


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