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The Collector's Award



111cm × 103cm

Ink, Watercolor, & Acrylic on Hemp Paper


A recurrent concept present in the artist's repertoire is the notion of communication through assumptions. Subjects in his works are all attached with symbolic values, and it is through the interpretations of these values that different degrees of information are conveyed, which could potentially effect changes in perceptions towards his work. In this sense, human behaviours are artistic creations in and of themselves.


157cm × 143cm

Ink, Watercolor, & Acrylic on Hemp Paper


Buddhology has its indelible role in East-Asian society since the traditional culture of each country has more or less been influenced by Buddhism. People are used to admonishing others around them to upkeep the betterment of society. In the past, people of a lower social status had to pin their hopes reincarnating into a better next-life. The Buddhist classics, more often than not, depict a sort of “path of bliss,” waiting for the person to choose their own life path and not rely on such mindset towards life.

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