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The Collector's Award

We're no Longer in the Desert My

We’re no Longer in the Desert, My Dear

60cm × 80cm

Acrylic on canvas


We’re no longer in the desert, my dear. Why are you pulling at your ship? What are you trying to escape? You’ve reached the shores of paradise, Eden lies before your feet, yet, you are hoarding water from the river, filling wall to wall with bottles, watching them in the night, in sleeplessness, while anxious, sweating and parched. Why do you still feel the scorpions scurry about your feet, despite them having disbanded years ago? Resilient little creature, you know how to survive but forgot how to live. 

Even though you are no longer in the desert my dear, why do you cling to it? 

At the Precipice .jpg

At The Precipice

50cm × 100cm

Acrylic on canvas


A child stands at the edge of her dreams, in fear of breaking the beauty of the illusion. Because of this, she stands still, clutching herself for comfort, staring upon the scene, not daring to move in fear of awakening the nightmare.

In this way, the child remains at the precipice of everything she has ever desired, without the power to truly behold it. She remains at the outskirts and borders of her own life, without the ability to live it.

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