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The Collector's Award


Nidhi Samani_Art_Herald.jpg
Nidhi Samani

Nidhi Samani is a British artist with Indian origins living between Singapore and Taiwan. She is a trained Fashion Designer turned artist and explores multi disciplines with oils, acrylics, charcoal, mixed medias, and chinese brush painting.

In 2018, she launched her online art gallery Studio-ID with the focus of bridging Contemporary Art from the East and West, and build privileged relationships with other artists.

Studio-ID harbours platforms for collaborations via
exhibition and events and various pop up opportunities around the globe.

Deborah Henry-Pollard

Deborah Henry-Pollard is a creative coach, author, and public speaker. She works with international professionals who want to find clarity, overcome blocks, get into action, and thrive. She has run her own coaching company, Catching Fireworks, since 2009. Prior to that, she worked in arts and charity sectors. She is a Trustee for ArtCan, a non-profit arts organisation supporting artists through profile-raising activities and exhibitions — an open network of ‘likeminded’ peers with practical support structures. 

Deborah’s coaching book, What’s Your Excuse for not Succeeding as an Artist, was published by WYE Publishing in October 2018. 

Joan Kelly Photo_2.jpg

Joan Marie Kelly has artistic education and profession spanning five continents. She was educated in America and has held a position as a senior lecturer of art at the Nanyang Technological University (School of Art Design and Media) in Singapore since 2005. Joan reinvigorates concepts of figure painting through ethnographic practices.

Joan’s solo shows were exhibited in New York, New Delhi, Baltimore, Fez Morocco, and  have had group exhibitions in Beijing, Italy, France, Bangladesh, Morocco, Mexico, Russia, Korea, Thailand, Mongolia, and Egypt. She was a participant in Salon du Beaux Arts, Carrousel du Louvre Museum and presented at the 2019 Athens Google Newsgeist.

Gerald Tay

Gerald Tay is an entrepreneur and an educator. From ground up, his role in business development required his attention to details concerning the branding, visuals communications and marketing of his business, including content creation, and digital marketing plans. Leveraging on his vast knowledge in business, Gerald now holds the position as a full time academic lecturer in Singapore Polytechnic's School of Business. Of the modules Gerald presides over, design appreciation, photography, videography, and digital marketing are the few which he believes to help students strike a balance between aesthetics and purpose in their designs.

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