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Through a Glass Darkly

Art Herald Magazine National Arts Council

Art Glass Centre, located at 11 Upper Wilkie Road, will play host from 10 – 26 May 2019 to PEER’s upcoming exhibition bearing the theme Through A Glass Darkly. In its pursuit for grander artistic domestic production, PEER seeks to offer a setting that fosters an imaginative discourse between Creatives while developing the connections with audiences, and this upcoming showcase is no exception.

Through A Glass Darkly challenges Creatives to breakout of the shackles of reviewing their own work – from conception to completion. Akin to looking through a mirror, Creatives relied on one another to offer critical yet constructive observations aimed at bettering the overall standard of individual art works.

Three local Creatives took on the task and produced works that truly summarise the essence of the theme:

Art Herald Magazine National Arts Council

Ben Yap (b. 1985) is a 34-year-old visual artist whose main muse is photography, but ultimates his works into installations through mixed-media and appropriation approaches. He received the Best Graduate Award upon his graduation from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (SG) with a BFA (Hons) in partnership with Loughborough University (UK).

Art Herald Magazine National Arts Council

Taking the artist as the point of initiation, Nhawfal Juma'at (b.1991) produces conceptually-driven works in response to the surrounding environment and his daily experiences. The 28-year-old artist graduated from Loughborough University (UK) in partnership with Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (SG) with a BFA (Hons) in Fine Arts and had his solo exhibition in 2018.

Art Herald Magazine National Arts Council

Qamarul Asyraf(b.1990) is a 29-year-old practicing printmaker based in Singapore. By tapping on the idea of human imagination, he projects his personal iteration of its idiosyncrasies through diversified mediums. Similar to both of his exhibition peers, Asyraf graduated from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (SG) in partnership with Loughborough University (UK) and obtained his Bachelor in Fine Arts.

Tying the entire exhibition is the Art Glass Centre, a birth-child of local glass and sand artist Tan Sock Fong. A crux on glass art and its development within the art scene, it provides the perfect unison for the exploration of glass as something innate yet immensely learnt. Be a part of the journey of discovery and personal creative exploration with Through A Glass Darkly.

More updates and exhibition highlights can be browsed through on their Facebook event page. Get acquainted with the PEER organising team here:

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