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SG Gallery Weekend 2020

Art Galleries Associations Singapore (AGAS) unveiled its freshy minted SG Gallery Weekend which will be held both online and offline over the period of 3 days with 32 participating galleries located across Singapore. Keep your artistic senses tickled with artist talks, performances, and an extensive array of exhibitions hosted within the private settings of each gallery for the public as the local art scene reawakens to a new dawn of on-site exhibitions, shows, and events.

“Aligned with our focus of bridging public and private offerings, SG Gallery Weekend combines the efforts of our arts communities and seeks to bring art closer to the general public,” says Rachel Teo, Founding Director of The Private Museum, Singapore

Take a sneak peek at some of the participating galleries ad establishments below:

The Affordable Art Fair

The Affordable Art Fair Singapore has recently launched its first online art fair lasting from 6th to 30th November. Featuring thousands of works this year, the price range still maintains at a competitive low of between 50 to 6,000 pounds. Collectors will be able to snag the best deals and works by emerging local and international artists from over 50 galleries from 5 continents.

Fair website:

Art Seasons Gallery - Abstracted Reflections 2

Art Seasons Gallery represents Burmese artist Min Zaw through its exhibition Abstracted Reflections 2 running from 20th November to 11th December. The exhibition will be housed at Art Seasons Gallery's space in 50 Genting Lane, #03-02. Head down to the space to indulge in Min Zaw’s surreal take on paper creases and monochrome landscapes. This series is inspired by Japanese craftsmen and hints towards Myanmar’s socio-political traumas, changes, and transitions from the 1960s to the 1980s.

Gallery website:

Art Porters - Offline Colour

From now to 9th December, dive into the chromatic world of Offline Colour exhibition at Art Porters, 64 Spottiswoode Park Road, where the artists Jamie Tan and Jamie Teo will be present throughout the 3 days. Step into their world of electric, gradient, and surprisingly harmonious colours as the duo colour-block their way into our hearts and homes. Explore colour relativity and find comfort within this almost dizzying but beautiful wonderland. Sit in on their discussions via Zoom for Online Colour vs Offline Colour: Olivier Guillemin, Jamie Tan and Jamie Teo in Conversation on Friday, 20th November and The Master and the Students: David Chan, Jamie Tan and Jamie Teo in Conversation on Sunday, 22nd November.

Gallery website:

Online Colour vs Offline Colour Zoom link:

Meeting ID: 731 8635 9636

Passcode: 6AJWzR

The Master and the Students Zoom Link:

Meeting ID: 879 9017 3973

Passcode: 0mt1dJ

Hatch Art Project - Between Analog and Digital

Tucked away in 7 Yong Siak Street is Between Analog and Digital by hosted by Hatch Art Project, featuring 6 international artists. Catch Gunwoo Shin from South Korea, Reuel Rendon from the Philipines, and Iqi Qoror of Yogyakarta in the exhibition. Between Analog and Digital tells the stories of self-expression and elaborate interpretations of the world around these artists. From Renaissance-inspired works to abstract graphic lines, Hatch Art Project now presents them all in their full glory.

Gallery website:

Intersections - Journey to the Golden Land

Journey to the Golden Land is now available with guided tours at Intersections during the 3 days in Japanese*, Korean*, and French*, and of course, English. The hour-long tours at the gallery's pop-up location of The Fullerton Hotel will bring you through a winding and personal take on Myanmar by artists Ko Z, Nyein Chan Su, and Soe Soe. Thinking of exposing your children to the arts? Bring them down for a workshop on 21st November from 2:30 pm to 5:30 pm. The workshop is best suited for children between 6-10 years old. Furthering on the educational aspects of art, Intersections, in conjunction with Assisi Hospice, will be shedding light on what Art Therapy entails and the benefits it can bring towards mental wellness through the showcase of the paintings developed by one of the hospice's patients. Be part of the sharing process hosted by registered Art Therapists Vivian Wong and Calvin Pang on the 21st (Saturday) and 22nd (Sunday) of November at 1:30pm.

Gallery Website:

*Registration for French tour on 20th November, Friday (10am | 11:45am | 2:30pm):

*Registration for Korean tour on 20th November, Friday (11am) & 22nd November, Sunday (2pm):

*Registration for Japanese tour on 21st November, Saturday (3pm) & 22nd November, Sunday (3pm):

Registration for children workshop:

Registration for Art Therapy sharing session:

Yeo Workshop - Calendar of Dilation

Mike HJ Chang will be unveiling Calendar of Dilation with Yeo Workshop in his upcoming solo exhibition. The series presents a different take on how we, as human as we are, crave to warp and mark the passage of time. The Calendar of Dilation exhibition will feature paintings, sculpted pieces, and the video production work entitled Seasick Sketches that was co-directed by curator Alfonse Chiu. Delve into Chang’s interdimensional perspective of time and space inspired by the recent Circuit Breaker period in Singapore.

Gallery website:

Ode to Art - A Century of Memories

Not wanting to leave the comforts of the home? Ode to Art presents a virtual exhibition experience with a time-capsule-like memory lane: A Century of Memories. Artist Lim Tze Peng tours you through his memories and nostalgia that were inspired by Singapore from his childhood and youth. Listen to exclusive and charismatic interviews with Lim by clicking on the walls and navigating the VR gallery with just a few swipes.

Explore the gallery through the link below:

Gallery website:

ARTitude Galería - Reyes Ocre

Occupying their new front in Dempsey Hill is ARTitude Galería, a Colombia-centric gallery that prides its vernacular on repositioning Latin-American visuals within Asian contexts. Kept as a monthly initiative, the gallery opens its doors to the public for a weekend of prelude into the careers of the represented artists. Reyes Ocre fills the roster for this year's Gallery Weekend with his symbolic and cryptic reflections of daily lives led by Latinos in the neighbourhood of Villa Juana, Santo Domingo. Chaotic or serene, the realities of Dominican life can only be liberated from preconceived prejudice or intolerance through Ocre's renderings in his expressionism style.

Gallery website:


Enjoy an immersive and adventure-filled weekend of gallery hopping during the first iteration of the SG Gallery Weekend and learn more about our local artists as well as international creators. Follow the Art Galleries Associations Singapore on Instagram for more details or visit their website at for the complete list of participating galleries.

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