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Art Connects Women 2019

Art Herald Art Connects Women 2019 Dubai ZeeArts
The exhibition received over 80 women artists across the globe

2019 marks the 10th year past a decade since the first ever celebration of the International Women’s Day. Purposed to magnify the attention on social, political, economic, and cultural issues faced by women, the celebration is a historical timestamp that advocates for the recognition of their contributions and achievements. While significant improvement has been observed across these facets, the art industry faces a steeper hike towards the betterment of female representation which severely hinders the diversification within the sector. In 1985, feminist activist artists the Guerrilla Girls produced an analysis report for the aggregate of women artists with solo shows within the museums of New York City, revealing that there were none in the Guggenheim, Metropolitan, and Whitney, and only one at the Museum of Modern Art. Their follow-up findings later in 2012 presented the public with the numbers in each of the same museums all increasing by only one. Their investigations into the institutionalisation of inequitable practices by major art establishments amplify the need to rectify the gender parity issues faced my many remarkable female artists who lack the opportunities to par off with their male counterparts.

Art Herald Guerilla Girls Art Connects Women 2019 Dubai ZeeArts
Published posters from the portfolio of Guerrilla Girls Talk Back.

The Art Connects Women exhibition’s inauguration in 2017 opened the curtains in Dubai to ZeeArt’s curatorial feat of bringing centre stage to an extensive international line-up of women artists and their artworks. This year, under the theme f, artist-activist and founder of ZeeArts, Zaahirah Muthy, makes no reservation in challenging the ensemble of women artists to produce art that addresses the call-to-action for driving gender balance and women empowerment, particularly in the areas of social protection systems, access to public services, and sustainable infrastructure. Hosted at the One&Only Royal Mirage, the exhibition ran its extended period from 7th – 15th March and received a total of 90 international women artists who represented their countries with works of diverse mediums and disciplines at the show.

Art Herald Art Connects Women 2019 Dubai One&Only Royal Mirage
One&Only Royal Mirage was the host for ACW 2019.

Adjunct to the exhibition were four days of creative and cultural itineraries that augment the overall experience for the artists and guests. Aside from a desert safari tour and gala dinner, the participants were also engaged in a conference in collaboration with Alliance Française Dubai, where panelists from an eclectic mix of industries attempt to dissect the progression of gender equality within the fabric of society. This instalment of the Art Connects Women doubles up as a launch pad for the newly minted Women Artists Around the World art book initiative. The compendium serves to archive the documentation of the artists and their artworks which may be purchased for perusal.

Art Herald Art Connects Women 2019 Dubai Women Artist Around the World ZeeArts
First edition of the Women Artists around the World art book.

While the curtains may have been brought down on this instalment of the Art Connects Women 2019, the stage on which 90 distinguished women artists stood has been vacated to make way for a more understanding and accommodating future for the creative community. Zaahirah Muthy reiterates that “The art industry is an ecosystem of contributors and supporters that goes beyond the artists.” While artists may be regarded as the nucleus of the art world, the likes of gallerists, curators, docents, etc. are imperative for their provision of services that keeps the art world afloat, and in these positions are also women who are relentless in committing their skills and passion towards the amelioration of the human condition within the creative sector and beyond.

The International Women’s Art Exhibition 2020 will return for its 4th edition next year.

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