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The Collector's Award


Resilience: The Origin

120cm × 80cm

Acrylic & Pastels on canvas


In Ancient cultures, turtles were believed to be the spiritual messengers of resilience. Emerging from their eggs, their lives are constantly fraught with danger as they make their way to the sea, and later into adulthood. The artwork positions the emphasis on the creatures' heightened ability of adaptation as they navigate their way across an oil spill which is reminiscent of the 2020 calamity that occurred in the waters off the coast of Mauritius.

if resilience.JPG

If Resilience Had a Face

48.5cm × 47cm

Mixed media on Natural white Hahnemühle watercolour paper and cardboard


If resilience had a face

It would be one to show that the road hasn’t been simple to walk on.

It would be one to show that a change is yet to come.


It would be one to show that we possess more strength and courage than we think.


It would be one to show that we need to be like the tree; to root oneself and aim for our own blooming,

 forget about the ‘bad’ weather, sit back and let it help us grow.

Forget about the years, they are only passing by! 

Teaching us new lessons we ought to know. 

Forget about the sadness, it only darkens those lovely eyes! 


Smile, see today a whole new way. 

Live and keep loving. 


Free yourself and meet your true self.

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