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The Collector's Award

The Playground.jpg

The Playground (遊樂場)

61cm × 91cm

Oil & acrylic on canvas


The Playground (遊樂場) is a space where we live, work, and play daily. The global pandemic, drawing no distinction between skin colour, language, race, or religion, has drastically altered the lives of individuals are lost in a fragmented and emotional maze. Some may have managed well in overcoming the impact, yet many others are still struggling their ways out. Doubling as a tribute to the healthcare, essential, and other frontline workers who contribute tirelessly and deserve our full support, this piece is an inspiration of solidarity in troubled times. The Playground (游乐场) stands as a reminder that there are still fun times ahead for us to work towards.

Cosmic Sanctuary.jpg

Cosmic Sanctuary

(宇 宙 。避 难 所)

45cm × 60cm

Acrylic on canvas


“Cogito, ergo sum,” or by its better-known English translation, “I think, therefore I am.” Our existence is defined by our mindsets that in turn, impact our personal capabilities. Cosmic Sanctuary (宇 宙 。避难所) is the surrendering of the stillness of the mind to the universe whilst offering it refuge and salvation. Life does not get easier or more forgiving, so we attain resilience by embracing the broad spectrum of the human experience, and that is only achievable through lucid thoughts of the self.

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