Melissa Teo.jpg

Melissa Teo

Melissa started painting full time after shelving her job in art education and has had 2 solo exhibitions since. Melissa's works are discernible through her bold and expressive use of colours, strong lines, and textural layering. The two recurrent themes addressed by the artist are historical Singaporean architecture and regional endangered wildlife. Melissa is well versed in several mediums including digital art.


Candy Lee

Upon graduating from NAFA's Fashion diploma programme and attaining her Goldsmith degree in Fashion Design from Lasalle College of the Arts, Candy now specialises in bespoke tailoring under the company The Prestigious. Drawing inspiration from cross-disciplinary sources within the creative industry, she integrates her knowledge of patterns and motifs into her paintings. Candy's works are the hybrids of Fine Arts and Design.

Deepa 2 fin.jpg

Deepa Rao

Deepa inherited her love for art and style of painting from her mother. She started painting at an early age and, over the years, has won numerous awards, including one from the President of India. For Deepa, painting is a passion that soothes her soul. Her paintings are characterised by bright colours that reflect her vibrant outlook on life. They almost always have some reference to nature, which is her other driving passion.

Mimi_Liu (1).jpg

Mimi Liu

Born and raised in South Africa, Mimi Liu now resides in Singapore where she excels as the region’s leading resin artist. Mimi’s stint in China led her to study in the China Academy of the Arts, where she intensively developed her appreciation and exploration of resin art as an alternative medium. Thereafter, she travelled to Singapore and attained her BA at LASALLE College of the Arts. Mimi now operates her own studio where she receives constant requests for commissioned works.